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Xenical generic name is orlistat. This drug functions by blocking the fat in the products you are eating, stopping it from the absorption in to the organism. This medication is highly effective in weight loss, and it may help to lessen the risk of regaining weight that is lost. It should be used in combination with diet. These tablets can be taken only in adult.

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How to use Xenical?

Use this medication as advised on the drug’s label, or as recommended by the healthcare expert. Don’t consume this medical product in larger portions or for longer period.

Never share these pills with another patient, especially with someone who has got eating troubles. Keep the drug in a place where others cannot reach it. When you buy Xenical online you also get an instruction for safe and effective usage. Try to follow all the directions. Ask the healthcare expert in case you have other questions about the doses and used of this drug.

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Xenical dosage is as a rule used three times a day with the food that include fat (no more than thirty percents of calories). You can use these tablets together with food or an hour after the meal.

If you eat products that don’t include any fat, or you just skip a meal, you can skip the drug’s portion for that meal.

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The fat part of the daily diet must not be bigger than thirty percents of the total caloric usage for the whole day. For instance, if you eat 1600 calories a day, no more than 480 of the calories must be fat.

This medication is just a small part of a complete curing program that also contains weight control, diet, and physical training. Your daily usage of carbohydrates, fat, and protein should not be equally divided over your meals of the day. Try to follow exercise, drug, and diet routines closely.

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When ordering Xenical online, you should better be aware that these pills can make it harder for the organism to absorb such vitamins as K, D, A, and E. That’s why your healthcare expert may advise you to use mineral and vitamin supplements while on the treatment.

Use these supplements at bedtime, or minimum two hours after or before the Xenical’s usage.

Xenical dosage

  • Xenical 120mg

  • Xenical 60mg

Side effects Xenical

Call your healthcare expert immediately if you see any of the following symptoms of allergy to the drug: problems with breathing, hives, or swelling of lips/throat/face/tongue.

Stop taking the drug if you notice the following Xenical side effects:

  • Serious pain in the back;
  • Difficulty when urinating or blood in the urine;
  • Liver difficulties (for instance stomach pain, appetite loss, nausea, itching);
  • Kidney difficulties (for instance breathe shortness, no or little urination, swelling in the ankles or feet).

The next spillover effects are as a rule temporary and can lessen as you go on using the drug:

  • Oily and gas discharge;
  • Fatty and oily stools;
  • Brown colored oil in the stools;
  • Rectal pain;
  • Loose stools;
  • Stomach pain.

When buying Xenical without prescription it is better to be aware that this paragraph doesn’t include all spillover effects that may happen during the treatment.

Contraindications Xenical

You should not use this medical product in case you have any variant of allergy, or if you have got:

  • Malabsorption syndrome;
  • Gallbladder diseases.

To be sure that you can safely use the drug, inform your medical expert if you have:

  • Kidney problems;
  • Kidney stones or gallstones;
  • Liver problems;
  • Diabetes;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Eating problems.

Where to buy Xenical

Xenical and pregnancy: you must not use these pills during your pregnancy. Weight loss can be very harmful when you are pregnant.

Where to buy Xenical no prescription?

You can order this effective medication right now and change your life for the better.

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