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Vermox is an anti-worm or anthelmintic drug. It stops newly hatched worms from multiplying, spreading or growing in the human’s body.

You can buy Vermox online to cure infections provoked by such worms as pinworm, whipworm, hookworm, and roundworm. This medical agent is also consumed to cure infections provoked by more than one of the mentioned above worms at the same time.

This medicament can be also used for some other purposes which aren’t mentioned here. As for Vermox generic name, it is mebendazole.

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Daily norms under Vermox applying

The portion of this medicament is determined by the type of worm you are curing from.

To cure pinworm, children older than two years and adult patients should consume one pill on the initial day of treatment, then one pill two weeks later and the next pill is used four weeks after the initial one. The initial Vermox dosage will kill the worms, but it is not effective against the eggs of these worms. The second norm will kill the worms which have hatched from the left eggs. And the last portion of the drug will definitely kill all the worms.

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To treat other variants of the diseases, a hundred mg of this medicament should be consumed two times a day for three day period. In case the signs of the illness after three week period are not cured, your healthcare expert can recommend the second curing.

Lots of various things may affect the portion of the preparation that a patient needs, such as med condition, weight of the body, and other medications. In case your healthcare expert has advised a portion different from one mentioned here, don’t change your usual schedule of treatment without consulting your medical adviser.

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So, how to use Vermox? You may employ it on an empty stomach or together with food. Pills can be chewed or crushed when necessary to easier the drug’s consumption.

It is highly recommended to use this preparation exactly as recommended by the medical specialist.

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In case you forget to use the drug’s norm, use it as quick as you recollect and go on with your usual treatment’s schedule. If it is right time for the next portion, skip the forgotten one and go on with your usual curing schedule. Don’t take two dosages at a time it can be very harmful to your organism.

Side effects

Lots of medical products can lead to spillover effects. They are unwanted reactions to a preparation if it is used in normal dosages. Spillover effects may be serious, permanent, temporary or mild.

The unwanted reactions mentioned below aren’t noticed in every user who takes the drug. In case you are too concerned about Vermox side effects, you may discuss the drug’s benefits and its harmful reactions with your healthcare expert.

Call your medical adviser in case you have these spillover effects and they are too bothersome or serious. Your healthcare expert can advise you how to manage these spillover effects.

  • Hives;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Dizziness;
  • Skin rash;
  • Intestinal gas;
  • Stomach ache.

Vermox dosage

  • Vermox 100mg

Though most of the spillover effects mentioned below don’t occur very frequently, they may provoke severe troubles in case you don’t call your healthcare expert at a time.

Check with your medical specialist as quickly as probable in case any of the next unwanted reactions happen:

  • Symptoms of kidney illnesses (for instance lessened urination, urination at night, or blood in your urine);
  • Loss of hair;
  • Symptoms of liver illnesses (for instance appetite loss, loss of weight, nausea, skin yellowing, dark urine, vomiting, or pale stools).

Stop the usage of this medicament and call your doctor at a time if the next unwanted effects happen:

  • Symptoms of severe allergies;
  • Seizures;
  • Signs of serious skin reactions (for instance rash, peeling or blistering).

Where to buy Vermox

When ordering Vermox online, you should know that other harmful effects can be experienced during the treatment. Consult with your medical specialist in case you have any signs of worsening.


Before buying Vermox without prescription, be sure to notify your healthcare expert of all the med conditions or allergic reactions you have, all the medical products you are using, if you are pregnant, and any other important facts about your health condition.

Vermox and pregnancy: the functionality and safety of taking this remedy during the pregnancy isn’t tested. That’s why this drug should not be consumed during the period of pregnancy unless risks are minimal.

The effectiveness and safety of employing this drug for kids who are less than two years old has not been checked. Such treatment may be considered for kids one to two years when the pluses of treatment outweigh some harmful effects.

Where to buy Vermox no prescription? You can purchase these highly functional and effective tablets at any online pharmacy.

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