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Valtrex is a variant of antiviral medicament. It functions by blocking the spear and growth of herpes in such a way that organism fight the infection. This medical agent will not heal herpes, but it may lessen the signs of this illness.

Valtrex is applied to cure infections provoked by herpes in kids and adults. Diseases provoked by herpes contain cold sores, genital herpes, chickenpox and shingles.

This medicament is consumed to cure sores in kids who are minimum twelve years and to cure chickenpox in kids who are minimum two years.

This drug can be also taken for other purposes which aren’t mentioned in this article. As for Valtrex generic name, it is valacyclovir.

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Daily norms under Valtrex applying

Read the info leaflet if it is available from the healthcare expert prior you start the consumption of this preparation and every tie after the refill. When some questions appear you may consult with your medical specialist.

How to use Valtrex? Use this drug by mouth, on an empty stomach or together with food, as instructed by the pharmacist. Drink fluids while employing this medical agent to lessen the probability of spillover effects.

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Valtrex dosage and the treatment’s length are based on the variant of infection being cured, treatment’s response and med condition. For the curing of chickenpox in kids, the portion is based on the weight.

This preparation functions much better if started at initial symptoms of outbreak, as advised by the healthcare expert. It will not function as well in case you delay the curing process. For the treatment of chickenpox or shingles begin using the drug at the initial signs or as quickly as probable after the rash happens. For genital herpes or cold sores, start consuming this medicament at the first symptoms as soon as you feel burning, tingling, or itching.

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Valtrex function better if the drug’s amount in the organism is kept at an even level. That’s why use this preparation at strictly divided intervals. To remember about the medication’s usage, consume it at the particular period every day.

Continue to employ this preparation until the full recommended amount is finished. Please, don’t skip any portions, change your portion, or stop the drug’s consumption early than needed without the healthcare expert’s advice.

Inform your medical specialist in case your condition worsens or persists.

Side effects

Stomach ache, nausea, or headaches can happen during the curing process. In case any of these unwanted effects worsen or become to bothersome, call your healthcare expert at a time.

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Remember that your medical expert has recommended you to buy Valtrex online, because it is extremely effective and has less spillover effects than other drugs. Tell your healthcare expert immediately when you experience severe Valtrex side effects, containing: problems with speaking, mental changes (for instance hallucinations, agitation, or confusion), troubles with urination, or unsteady movements.

This drug can rarely lead to life-threatening problem which affects kidneys, blood cells, and some other body part. Such disorder is more frequently to happen if you have illnesses connected with weakened immunity (for example HIV, kidney transplant, or bone transplant).Call your medical specialist immediately in case you experience any severe effects such as: dark urine, tiredness, serious stomach pain, consciousness loss, problems with vision, or seizures.

Valtrex dosage

  • Valtrex 1g

  • Valtrex 0.5g


Before ordering Valtrex online, inform your healthcare expert if you suffer from allergy to this drug or to any other medical products. This medicament can include inactive elements that may lead to allergies or other harmful effects. Consult with your medical specialist to get more detailed info about this point.

Prior buying Valtrex without prescription, tell your healthcare expert your med history, especially of troubles with kidneys.

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This preparation can rarely lead to dizziness. So, don’t use machinery or drive until you are really sure that you may perform these activities.

Valtrex and pregnancy: this medical agent should be applied only if really needed. Discuss all the benefits and trouble of the drug’s usage with your medical specialist.

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