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Sumycin is applied to cure a great variety of infections, such as acne and lots of others. This drug is an antibiotic which functions by stopping the bacteria’s growth.

This preparation cures only bacterial infections. Sumycin will not function for the treatment of viral infections (for instance flu or usual cold). Over usage or unnecessary consumption of any medical agent may provoke its lessened effectiveness. Sumycin can be applied together with anti-ulcer medicaments to heal some variants of stomach ulcers.

Sumycin generic name is Tetracycline.

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Daily norms under Sumycin applying

Sumycin works better if used on an empty stomach an hour prior or two hours after meals. In case you notice any stomach upsets, ask your medical specialist if you may employ this drug together with food. Use every portion with a glass of liquid. Try not to lie down for ten min after the medicament’s consumption. That’s why don’t apply these tablets right prior the bedtime.

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How to use Sumycin with other medical products? Use this preparation two to three hours prior or after using any product that contains calcium, aluminum, or magnesium. Some examples are particular variants of didanosine, antacids, minerals, quinapril and sucralfate. Try to follow the same recommendations with dairy products (for instance yogurt or milk), iron, calcium-enriched juices, zinc, and bismuth subsalicylate. Such products can bind with tetracycline, stopping its from total absorption.

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Sumycin dosage is based on the med condition and treatment’s reactions. For the usage in kids who are older than eight years, the portion is based on their weight. Antibiotics function much better if the drug’s amount in the organism is kept at an even level. And so you should apply this preparation at spaced intervals.

Go on to employ this medical agent until the advised time is finished even when the signs of disease disappear in several days. Stopping the remedy very early can help bacteria to grow and this may provoke infection’s relapse.

Notify your medical specialist in case you condition worsens or becomes too bothersome.

Side effects

Diarrhea, appetite loss, nausea, mouth sores, vomiting, sore throat, headaches, dizziness or rectal discomfort can happen. In case any of these reactions worsen or persist, call your healthcare expert promptly.

Inform your medical specialist immediately if you experience severe Sumycin side effects that are: sun sensitivity, muscle ache, problems with swallowing, discoloration of nails, troubles with urination, tooth discoloration, unusual fatigue, changes in hearing, new symptoms of infections (for instance fever, sore throat, or chills), easy bleeding, serious stomach ache, or dark urine.

Sumycin can rarely lead to a severe pressure increase in the skull. The possibility of such unwanted effect is higher for females who are overweight or of childbearing age group. If IH happens, it as a rule disappears after this medical agent is stopped; nevertheless there exists a probability of blindness or vision loss. Call your healthcare expert immediately in case you experience: serious headaches, persistent vomiting, vision changes, or persistent nausea.

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When buying Sumycin online, you should know that it can lead to serious intestinal condition because of resistant bacteria. Such condition can happen during healing or several weeks or months after the curing has stopped. Don’t consume narcotic pain drugs or anti-diarrhea preparations in case you have the next signs because these medical products can worse them. Notify your medical specialist if you have: stomach cramping, persistent diarrhea, blood in the stools, or abdominal pain.

Sumycin dosage

  • Sumycin 500mg

  • Sumycin 250mg

Drug’s consumption for repeated or prolonged periods can provoke yeast infection or oral thrush. Consult with your healthcare expert in case you have white patches in the mouth, some changes in vaginal discharge or other signs.

These are not all spillover effects that may occur during the treatment.


Before ordering Sumycin online, tell your healthcare expert if you have allergy to any of the medication’s elements, or to other medical products (minocycline or doxycycline). This preparation can include some inactive elements that may lead to allergies or other troubles.

Where to buy Sumycin

Also, before buying Sumycin without prescription, tell your healthcare expert about your med history: liver illnesses, kidney diseases, troubles with swallowing and other.

Sumycin and pregnancy: this preparation isn’t recommended during the pregnancy. It can be very harmful to unborn babies.

Where to buy Sumycin no prescription? You may purchase this highly functional medical agent on our website or at any drugstore you would like to.

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