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Skelaxin is a relaxant of muscles. It works by stopping impulses (or sensations of pain) in the brain.

This preparation is employed together with the physical therapy and rest to cure muscle conditions for instance injury or pain.

This drug can be also applied for other purposes which aren’t mentioned in this article. Skelaxin generic name is metaxalone.

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Daily norms under Skelaxin applying

Consume this preparation exactly as it was instructed for your special case. Don’t employ this drug in bigger amount, or use it for too prolonged period than advised by your medical specialist. Try to follow recommendations on the medication’s label.

This preparation may cause unusual test’s results. Notify your medical specialist who cures you that you are applying Skelaxin.

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When buying Skelaxin online, you should remember that this drug is just a part of complete schedule of curing which may also contain ache relief measures, rest and physical therapy. Try to follow your medical expert’s instructions.

So, how to use Skelaxin? Take these tablets by mouth without any food or with it as instructed by the healthcare expert, usually three or four times per day. When you are applying this preparation after a high-fat food and notice spillover effects, it can be better to use the medicament without food or after light products.

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Skelaxin dosage is usually based on the health condition and the response to the curing process. Don’t higher your portion or employ this medical agent more frequently or longer than recommended. You disease will not disappear faster, and the probability of unwanted reactions will be higher.

Call your healthcare specialist in case you disease doesn’t improve or if it even worsens.

Side effects

Nausea, drowsiness, stomach upsets, dizziness, and vomiting can happen. In case any of these Skelaxin side effects worsen or persist, consult with your medical adviser at a time.

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Remember that your medical expert has advised this medicament because its pluses outweigh some minor risks of unwanted reactions. Lots of users of this drug don’t have any bothersome reactions.

Call your healthcare specialist immediately in case you have any severe spillover effects, containing: symptoms of infection (sore throat, or fever), mental changes (for instance irritability, nervousness, or confusion), dark urine, fast heartbeat, yellowing skin, or unusual tiredness.

Skelaxin dosage

  • Skelaxin 400mg

Severe allergies to this remedy are extremely infrequent. Nevertheless, call your medical adviser if you have any signs of these allergies such as: serious dizziness, problems with breathing, itching, rash, or swelling.

These aren’t all probable unwanted effects that may occur. If you have some other harmful reactions you should consult with your healthcare expert. Also, you may talk with the medical specialist prior ordering Skelaxin online.


You shouldn’t consume this preparation if you have troubles with various allergic reactions to food, medical products or to any other kind of things. Moreover, you should not buy Skelaxin without prescription, if you have:

  • Serious liver illnesses;
  • Anemia;
  • Serious kidney problems.

Before taking Skelaxin, notify your pharmacist or medical expert if you suffer from drug’s allergies, or if you have kidney/liver troubles. In such a case you may need to adjust a drug’s portion or perform some tests to safely use Skelaxin.

Skelaxin and pregnancy: this drug can be very harmful to unborn babies. Consult with the medical adviser prior using this drug if you are pregnant.

This preparation can make you feel drowsy or dizzy. So, don’t use machinery, drive, or perform any sort of activity that needs high alertness until you are really sure you can perform these activities. Try to avoid alcoholic drinks during the curing.

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Before the surgery, consult with your dentist or doctor about all the medical products you are consuming at this period (including herbal products, nonprescription preparations and prescription medicaments).

Older users are more sensitive to the possibility of spillover effects of this preparation, especially such as confusion, dizziness, or drowsiness. These unwanted effects may higher the probability of falling.

Where to buy Skelaxin no prescription? You can order this functional medicament at any online pharmacy.

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