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Proscar generic name is finasteride. It stops the conversion of testosterone to DHT (or dihydrotestosterone) in the organism.

Proscar is taken to cure the signs of BPH (or prostatic hyperplasia) in males who have enlarged prostate.

This drug can also be taken for other treatment’s purposes that aren’t described here.

So you can buy Proscar online for the curing of BPH in males who have enlarged prostate to:

  • Lessen the possibility of acute urinary retention;
  • Improve the signs of illness;
  • Lessen the possibility of the need for surgery.

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How to use Proscar?

Use these tablets precisely as advised by the medical expert. Please, don’t use it in bigger amounts or for longer time period that it is initially recommended. Also follow all the instructions on the drug’s label.

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Use Proscar dosage with a glass of water. This medication may be used on an empty stomach or together with food. Take these tablets at a specified time each day to get the most advantages from the treatment process.

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To be sure that this drug is helping your condition and not provoking any spillover effects, your organism should be tested regularly and the blood should be checked very often. Your healthcare expert should test your PSA to check for the possibility of prostate cancer. Contact with your healthcare expert regularly. Use this medication regularly to have the most benefits from the curing.

Side effects Proscar

Call your healthcare expert right away if you see any of the following symptoms of allergy to this medication: swelling of tongue, face, throat, or lips, hives, problems with breathing. Also contact with your healthcare expert immediately if you have pain, breast lumps, breast changes, or nipple discharge. These may be symptoms of male breast cancer.

Less severe Proscar side effects are:

  • Unusual ejaculation;
  • Loss of sex drive, problems with having orgasms, or impotence;
  • Weakness or dizziness;
  • Headaches;
  • Skin rashes;
  • Swelling in the feet or hands;
  • Runny nose;
  • Tenderness or swelling in the breasts;
  • Feeling as you are passing out.

The sexual spillover effects or any other sexual problems (ejaculation difficulties, lessened libido, or problems having erections) can continue after you stop the usage of this medical product. Consult with your healthcare expert if you have these spillover effects or any other sexual problems.

When ordering Proscar online you should be aware that this list of possible risks and effects is not complete and some other troubles may occur.

Contraindications Proscar

Proscar must not be used in females or children. This medical may be absorbed through the patient’s skin, and a female or a child must not be allowed to handle these tablets.

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To be sure that Proscar’s usage is totally safe for your organism, inform your healthcare expert if you have any of the below mentioned health conditions:

  • Prostate cancer;
  • Liver illness, or unusual liver tests for enzymes;
  • Stricture in the urethra;
  • A bladder muscle problems;
  • Problems with urination;
  • If you have any kind of allergy.

Proscar dosage

  • Proscar 5mg

When buying Proscar without prescription you should be aware that its usage may higher the possibility of having prostate cancer. Your healthcare expert should perform several tests to be sure that you don’t have other health conditions which would prevent you from the drug’s usage.

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Proscar and pregnancy: this drug isn’t used in females especially in those who are pregnant. Proscar can provoke birth defects if a female is exposed to these tablets when being pregnant. These tablets must not be handled by females who are pregnant. If a female comes in contact with crushed or broken tablet she should wash this area with water and soap immediately.

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