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Propecia generic name is Finasteride. This drug is taken to cure male baldness in the middle and at the crown of the scalp. It must be taken only by adult men.

This medical product functions by lessening the amount of DHT (body hormone). Lessening the body hormone amount provokes the increase in hair growth and slows the hair loss. As for other body parts, this medication is not functional in hair growth on other body areas.

It is forbidden for kids and women to use these tablets.

Propecia cannot prevent prostate cancer. It may higher the possibility of developing a very severe variant of prostate cancer. Consult with your medical adviser about some probable pluses and minuses of the mediation’s usage.

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How to use Propecia?

Read drug’s label provided by the medical specialist prior using Propecia and every time after the refill. In case some questions according to this info appear you may call your pharmacist.

When buying Propecia online you should know about its usage, so look through this paragraph.

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Use this drug by mouth on an empty stomach or together with food, as a rule once per day, or as recommended by the pharmacist.

If the tablet is broken or crushed, it must not be given to a pregnant woman or to a woman who may be pregnant.

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Take Propecia dosage regularly to have the most benefit from the treatment. Remember to take this medication at a particular time every day. You will need to wait up to three months before the visible changes appear. You should continue to use these tablets to maintain the growth of hair. If you stop the drug usage any hair gain is usually lost in twelve months period. Talk with your healthcare provider in case the condition worsens or persists.

Side effects Propecia

Lessened sexual desire or ability may happen. In some male patients, this medical product may lessen the semen released amount during the sexual activity. Of course this is totally harmless, but may continue in some males even after the treatment has stopped. If some of above Propecia side effects worsen or persist, call your healthcare adviser promptly.

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Remember that your physician has chosen these particular tablets because its pluses of the treatment overweight some minor risks of spillover effects. Lots of patients taking the medical product don’t have any severe spillover effects. When ordering Propecia online you should also know about some rare but severe spillover effects.

Call your healthcare adviser right away in case any of the following severe spillover effects happen: nipple discharge, breast lump, testicles pain, breast pain or tenderness, inability to urinate.

A very severe allergy to this medical product is unlikely, but it is better to seek medical help if it happens. The signs of allergy reaction to Propecia are: breathing problems, rashes, swelling, serious dizziness, or itching. You should remember that this list isn’t complete.

Propecia dosage

  • Propecia 5mg

  • Propecia 1mg

Contraindications Propecia

Before buying Propecia without prescription, tell your pharmacist if you have any kind of allergy to the drug’s ingredients. This medication may contain inactive elements that can lead to allergic reactions or other spillover effects. Call your pharmacist for additional info.

It is extremely important to inform your physician if you have: infections, liver illnesses, problems with urination, or prostate cancer.

Propecia must not be used in kids.

Where to buy Propecia

Propecia and pregnancy: these tablets must not be used in female patients. This drug must not be taken during the period of pregnancy. It can be harmful to a baby.

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