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Priligy generic name is Dapoxetine. It cures premature ejaculation in male. This medication is in fact the only medical product which is widely consumed and approved for the treatment of premature ejaculation. This disease is responsible for forty percents of males who experience bad love life. Except curing premature ejaculation the drug also lowers the stress and helps to enjoy love life. Males may use Priligy after getting health expert’s advice.

This drug is and effective treatment’s method and you can buy Priligy online at any drug store. You can improve your love life with these tablets.

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How to use Priligy?

There are some recommendations according to the drug usage:

  • Consult with health expert about Priligy dosage and quantity level. Use it with milk or water to get better results of treatment. It is recommended to use the tablet one hour prior sexual activity;
  • The advisable initial dosage is as a rule sixty mg but this portion would depend on the patient’s reaction to the drug;
  • For instance some users can be recommended to use thirty mg portion and for some patients whom for the drug doesn’t function the portion would be a hundred and twenty mg in case previous dosage doesn’t work properly;
  • If you skip your dosage don’t use two portions at a time;
  • Using more than needed can higher the possibility of spillover effects, so use only recommended portion of the drug.

Side effects Priligy

All medications have its spillover effects and Priligy is not an exception. The most frequent Priligy side effects are:

  • Lethargy;
  • Dizziness;
  • Skin rashes;
  • Anxiety;
  • Dry mouth;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Urticarial;
  • Problems with sleeping;
  • Tremor.

The level and degree of spillover effects can vary from patient to patient. For some users it can be more severe and for some users it can be less.

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In some variants the spillover effects can be very serious and lead to suicidal mania and tendencies. When you have state of excitement, convulsions, or nausea call your health adviser promptly.

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If any spillover effects persist or become very bothersome call your healthcare adviser immediately. Those side effects may happen but not every patient experiences it. So when ordering Priligy online be aware that very small percentage of users do experience these effects.

Contraindications Priligy

Buying Priligy withot prescription is the best solution for the curing of premature ejaculation. But it has come sorts of negative influence that patients must know about. This medication is as a rule prescribed by the physicians because there is a possibility of heart attacks. Some the most important precautions are:

  • Tell your medical expert your illness history so that he/she may prescribe you the right portion of the drug. Always use the recommended dosage to avoid spillover effects.
  • Inform your physician if you are using any other sorts of drugs for the treatment of other illness then there is a risk that Priligy may react with other drugs.
  • In case this medical product makes you have some spillover effects don’t continue the usage and call medical expert at a time.
  • The drug is not prescribed for use in females, so Priligy and pregnant is the not the best word combination.
  • Don’t consume Priligy if you have any kind of allergy to the drug’s ingredients. If you suffer from liver or kidney illnesses then use the minimal portion.
  • If you have some difficulties with reproductive organ (for instance it is deformed) then this drug should be prescribed only after your physician find out about the problem. Patients who are over sixty should use the drug only if medical expert prescribed its usage.

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