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Prevacid is applied to cure certain esophagus and stomach troubles (such as ulcers, acid reflux). It functions by lessening the quantity of acid the stomach produces. This drug relieves the signs such as difficulty with swallowing, heartburn, and cough. This preparation helps to cure acid damage to the esophagus and stomach, prevents ulcers, and can prevent esophagus cancer. Prevacid relates to a group of preparations named as pump inhibitors (PPIs) and Prevacid generic name is lansoprazole.

In case you are self-curing with this medical agent, it is taken to heal heartburn (happening two or more days per week). Because it can take one to four days to have effect, this preparation doesn’t relieve this problem immediately.

Prior buying Prevacid online, read the package recommendations to be sure that this medicament is right for your usage. Read the elements on the drug’s label even if you have taken the preparation before. The elements of the drug can be changed. Moreover, products with similar generic names can contain various elements meant for various purposes. Using the wrong product can be very harmful.

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How to use Prevacid?

Apply this medical agent as recommended by the healthcare expert, as a rule once per day, prior the meal. In case you are self-curing, follow all the pieces of advice on the medication’s package. Length of the treatment and portion norm are based on the health conditions and reaction to curing. Don’t higher Prevacid dosage or take this medicament more frequently than needed.

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Don’t chew or crush the pills. Swallow this preparation whole. In case you have any problems swallowing the tablet, you can open this pill and sprinkle its contents on the spoon, and then swallow this mixture. Don’t prepare this drug’s mixture ahead for later consumption. Acting in such a way can destroy the medicament.

In case you are using this preparation through tube, consult with your healthcare expert for detailed info or how to give and mix it.

If it is really needed, antacids can be employed together with other medical agents. If you are using sucralfate, consume Prevacid minimum thirty min prior sucralfate.

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Apply this preparation regularly to have the most benefits from the curing process. To remember, consume it at a particular period of time every day. Go on to use it for the whole prescribed period of treatment even when you start to feel much better. If you are self-curing, don’t apply this drug more than fourteen days. Notify your healthcare expert in case your health condition worsens or persists.

Side effects

Stomach pain, diarrhea, or headaches can happen. In case any of these Prevacid side effects worsen or become too bothersome, call your healthcare expert at a time.

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If your medical specialist has recommended consuming this medical product, remember that he/she has thought that pluses of the treatment are much bigger than some minor risks and problems. Lots of patients applying this preparation don’t experience severe spillover effects.

Inform your medical expert immediately in case you notice any severe spillover effects such as: signs of low magnesium in the organism (for instance irregular heartbeat, seizures, persistent).

This preparation can rarely provoke a serious intestinal condition because of the kind of bacteria. Don’t consume pain medicaments or anti-diarrhea medications in case you experience any of the next signs because these medications can make then even worse. Call your healthcare exert immediately if you experience: stomach cramps, persistent diarrhea, blood in the stool, or fever.

A very severe allergy to this medicament is extremely rare. Nevertheless, call your healthcare expert if you have the signs of severe allergy such as: itching, swelling, rash, serious dizziness, problems with breathing, or kidney problems. This list is not complete and some other unwanted reactions can occur, so consult with your medical specialist before ordering Prevacid online.

Prevacid dosage

  • Prevacid 30mg

  • Prevacid 15mg


Prior using Prevacid, notify your healthcare expert you have any kind of allergy to this medicament or to any similar medical agents (for instance pantoprazole, dexlansoprazole, or omeprazole).

Before buying Prevacid without prescription, inform your healthcare expert about your health history, especially of: liver illnesses.

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Some signs can actually be the symptoms of more severe condition. Call your medical specialist immediately in case you have: sweating, weight loss, dizziness, breath shortness, or shoulder ache.

Prevacid and pregnancy: this medical agent should be consumed only when really needed during the pregnancy. Consult with your healthcare expert about this problem.

Where to buy Prevacid no prescription? You can purchase this effective drug at any drugstore or online pharmacy.

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