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Patanol is an antihistamine which lessens the natural element histamine in the organism. Histamine may provoke signs of watery eyes or itching. Patanol generic name is Olopatadine.

These eye drops are employed to cure redness, itching, watery symptoms or burning provoked by allergic conditions.

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Daily norms under Patanol applying

The usual advised portion of this medical agent is one to two drops in eye two times a day.

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Before ordering Patanol online, read this article attentively. First of all, try to follow your healthcare expert’s instructions on how to apply the drops. Don’t allow this dropper to touch any kind of surface. This can provoke eye infection. Try to keep the drug’s bottle closed if you are applying it.

Lots of various things may affect the portion of this preparation such as weight of the body or other medical products. In case your healthcare expert has advised a norm different from ones described here, don’t try to change your usual drug’s portion without consulting your medical specialist.

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It is better to consume this medicament as advised by your medical expert. If you forget to take Patanol dosage, use it quick as probable and continue with the usual drug’s schedule. If it is right time for the next norm of the preparation, skip the forgotten one and go on with the usual dosage schedule. Please, don’t consume double portions to make up for a skipped one.

How to use Patanol drops?

Try to pull down the eyelid (lower one) to make a small pocket. Hold this drug’s dropper above the eye.

After the medicament’s usage you should better close eyes for two or three min without squinting or blinking.

Apply only the drop’s number your medical specialist has recommended. Wait minimum ten min prior consuming any other drops you healthcare expert recommended. Don’t employ this medical agent if the liquid has some particles or it changed color. Call your healthcare expert for new medicament.

Store remedy at a room temperature away from heat and moisture. Don’t freeze.

Patanol dosage

  • Patanol 5ml/0.1%

Side effects

All medical products have some spillover effects and unwanted reactions and this one is not an exception. It is probable that not all harmful reactions are mentioned here. They may be reported to Drug and Food Administration. Also, you may consult with the health specialist for medical recommendation.

If any of the Patanol side effects happen while being on the treatment process, call your medical specialist at a time:

Less frequent

  • Eyelid’s swelling;
  • Eye ache or irritation;
  • Blurred vision.

Some Patanol spillover effects may not need any kind of medical attention. As your organism adapts to this preparation these unwanted effects and reactions can disappear. Your medical specialist can also help you to lessen or prevent these effects, but call medical professional if any of them continue or in case you are really concerned:

More frequent

  • Stuffy nose;
  • Headaches;
  • Sore throat.

Less frequent

  • Chills;
  • Back ache;
  • Body pain or aches;
  • Taste changes;
  • Itching, burning, stinging, or dryness of eye;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Cough;
  • Lack of strength;
  • Appetite loss;
  • Nausea;
  • Muscle ache or pain;
  • Light sensitivity;
  • Shivering;
  • Sweating;
  • Problems with sleeping;
  • Vomiting.


Prior applying this remedy be sure to notify your healthcare expert of all your health conditions or allergic reactions you can experience, all medical products you are consuming, in case you are planning to become a mother or you are breast-feeding. These important factors may in some way affect how you should consume this drug.

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In case you wear lenses, remove them prior drops’ usage and wait minimum ten minutes prior putting them back. If the eyes are red, take out the lenses and talk with your medical expert.

Patanol and pregnancy: these drops are not recommended during the period of pregnancy. In case you become pregnant while being on the curing with this drug, call your healthcare expert immediately.

Patanol may pass in mother’s milk. In case you are breast-feeding and are using this medicament it can really affect or even harm your baby. Consult with your medical specialist whether you should breast-feed during the treatment.

The harmlessness and functionality of taking this drug haven’t been tested for kids less than three years.

Notify your healthcare expert about all the herbal preparations, prescription tablets, or non prescription pills that you are taking. Moreover, tell your medical specialist about all the supplements you are using. Since nicotine, caffeine, street drugs, or alcohol may affect the functionality of this medical agent, you should inform your medical expert.

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