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Ortho Tri-Cyclen is a medication for birth control. This drug contains progestin and estrogen. These two important hormones prevent pregnancy by blocking ovulation process. This medication packs are produced with three “phases” of tablets, each with various quantity of progesterone.

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Daily norms under Ortho Tri-Cyclen applying

Main considerations for how and when to take the tablets contain the next pieces of advice:

  • These drugs are produced in the form of tablets. It is used once per day.
  • Ortho Tri-Cyclen can be used with or without food. In case the medication bothers the stomach, use it with food.
  • Each package contains twenty-eight pills. It is highly recommended to use them as written in the instruction. After you finish first package, immediately start a new one. You’ll probably start the period during final 7 days of the medication’s pack.
  • It is advisable to use this drug every day at a certain time. Try to choose your time period that will be easily remembered, for instance during the lunch or at a bedtime. If you have problems with remembering, you’d better consult with healthcare adviser, because missing dosage may increase the pregnancy risk.
  • Make sure to know how to act if you miss the tablet usage. In some conditions, you should use some other contraception methods for a week.

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For Ortho Tri-Cyclen to function properly, you should use it as prescribed. The drug won’t work in case you stop using it. There exists only one dosage of the drug, regardless of your medical recommendations, age or weight. As usual, don’t adjust the dosage unless the doctor instructs you to do it.

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Start at the pack’s beginning and use a pill at a particular period of time every day. Each package lasts for 4 weeks (twenty-eight days). After the first package, immediately begin the next one. Please, don’t make any intervals between packages. This takes some planning, because you’ll need a new package immediately. The initial twenty-one pills of Ortho Tri-Cyclen contain the active elements. The next 7 pills don’t contain any active elements. During this week, your organism has a break from the hormones’ influence, allowing you to have time for periods.

Side effects Ortho TriCyclen

As with the majority of pills these ones have some spillover effects; however, not every user will experience them. Generally, most patients tolerate it quite good. If spillover effects do happen, mostly they are minor and don’t require treatment or maybe treated quickly and easily.

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Because these tablets have a low dosage of hormones in comparison with older tablets for birth control, theoretically spillover effects are less frequent with it.

Some of the common spillover effects contain:

  • Headaches;
  • Vomiting or nausea;
  • Breast enlargements and tenderness;
  • Acne;
  • Bloating;
  • Breakthrough bleeding between the periods;
  • Sex drive changes (mainly decrease).

Ortho TriCyclen dosage

  • Ortho TriCyclen 0.05mg/0.03mg

Women are usually bothered about gain in weight due to tablets for birth control, but newest researches suggest that these pills don’t lead to weight gain. Some spillover effects with the drug, while happening infrequently, are severe and should be reported to the healthcare specialist immediately. These contain:

  • Breast lumps;
  • Some emotion changes or even depressions;
  • Migraines;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Blood clot in legs;
  • Blood clot in lung;
  • Vision loss or changes;
  • Chest heaviness or pain;
  • Stroke signs;
  • Liver damages;
  • Allergic reactions.

Contraindications Ortho TriCyclen

You should consult with the healthcare adviser before taking in case you have:

  • Stroke or heart attacks history;
  • Chest pains;
  • Cancer;
  • Clotting disorders or blood clots;
  • Skin yellowing;
  • Hypertension;
  • Depressions;
  • Vaginal bleeding.

Also, you should better inform your healthcare adviser about any other medicine you are currently using, containing non-prescription and prescription medications, herbal supplements and vitamins.

Where to buy Ortho TriCyclen

There are cases in which you shouldn’t buy Ortho Tri-Cyclen in online pharmacies; they are connected with some severe warnings and precautions patients must be aware of before ordering such form of contraception. Nevertheless, it is probable that not complete list of precautions was discussed it the article. That’s why it is essentially important to consult with the doctor about your particular case.

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