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Nasonex is taken to get read of and treat nasal signs of disease such as runny nose, congestion, and sneezing provoked by year-round or seasonal allergic reactions. This spray can be also taken as curing variant for nasal polyps (such variant of growths in the nose) in adults.

Nasonex is a steroid variant of medication. It prevents the realization of particular substances in the organism that provoke inflammation. This drug can be also taken for purposes that aren’t listed here. As for generic Nasonex nasal spray name, it is Mometasone nasal.

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Daily norms under Nasonex applying

Use this drug exactly as recommended for your special case. Don’t take Nasonex in bigger quantities, or use it for much longer period than adviser by the healthcare adviser. Also, follow all the pieces of advice on the medication label. As you already know Nasonex spray is for allergies treatment and it is produced with patient’s instruction for effective and safe usage. Follow the recommendations very carefully. Ask your pharmacist or healthcare provider in case you have any problems or questions.

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The usual Nasonex dosage is one to two sprays in every nostril one time a day. Your medical specialist can advise you start taking this medication two to four weeks prior the beginning of allergy period.

Before taking this spray for the initial time, you should better prime the pump of the spray. Shake the bottle well and spray it in the air far away from your face, until you will get a proper mist. Prime this pump of the spray any time you haven’t employed the spray for long period of time.

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Shake the drug bottle before every usage. It can take up to two weeks of taking the drug before the signs of disease improve. For the better results, continue drug usage as directed. Consult with the medical specialist if the signs of your disease don’t better after one week.

Before buying Nasonex without prescription, you should be certain that this nasal spray isn’t provoking any harmful effects on the sinuses or nose and you healthcare adviser should check the treatment progress regularly.

Nasonex dosage

  • Nasonex 50mcg

Side effects Nasonex

If any of Nasonex side effects happen while using it, immediately consult with your healthcare adviser:

    More frequent
  • Chills;
  • Hoarseness or cough;
  • Unexplained nose bleeding;
  • Fever;
  • Runny nose;
  • Headaches;
  • Bone pains;
  • Cold symptoms.
  • Less frequent
  • Earache;
  • Wheezing;
  • Chest pain;
  • Chest tightness;
  • Problems with breathing;
  • Eye redness;
  • Chest tightness.
  • Rare
  • Nose sores;
  • White patches in your mouth or nose.

If speaking about Nasonex nasal spray side effects in children, they are the same as in adults. You should know that all these spillover effects are easily prevented by proper drug usage and by following all the pharmacist’s recommendations.

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Of course this list of spillover effects isn’t complete and some other difficulties may happen. Inform your healthcare provider about any bothersome or unusual spillover effects.

Contraindications Nasonex

Before ordering Nasonex online, inform your medical specialist in case you are suffering from any variant of infection or if you are sick.

Also inform your medical specialist in case you have allergic reactions to any drug, or in case you have:

  • Herpes virus of the eyes;
  • Cataracts or glaucoma;
  • Ulcers or sores in the nose;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Surgery or injury on the nose.

Drug and Food Administration categorized Nasonex as pregnancy category C drug. It indicates that this kind of medication may be really harmful to your baby. The best choice is to contact with the medical specialist about the usage of this drug during your pregnancy.

Nasonex nasal spray 50mcg may low the blood cells that help the patient’s organism fight infection. Avoid those who have any variant of infection or are sickness. Contact with your pharmacist if you are exposed to measles or chicken pox. Such conditions may be very severe or even in some cases fatal in those who are using the medication.

Avoid getting this medical product in your eyes. In case this happens, carefully rinse your eyes with water and contact with your medical specialist.

In case you decide to buy Nasonex nasal spray for your kid usage you should be aware that it may affect the child’s growth. Consult with the medical specialist if you notice that you kid isn’t growing while being on this drug.

Where to buy Nasonex nasal spray no prescription?

To purchase the medication you should find a reliable site and order it there. It is extremely easy because there exists lots of online pharmacies nowadays.

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