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This medical agent is employed to cure blood pressure. Lessening high pressure of blood prevents heart attacks, kidney troubles and strokes. Microzide is a diuretic (or “water tablet”) that provokes more urination. This can help your organism to get rid of extra liquid and salt.

This remedy also lessens extra fluid in the organism (edema) provoked by conditions such as liver illnesses, heart diseases, or kidney illnesses. This may reduce the signs such as swelling in the ankles and some other.

Microzide generic name is Hydrochlorothiazide.

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Daily norms under Microzide applying

Take this medical agent by mouth as recommended by the healthcare expert, as a rule once per day in the morning period together with food or without it. You should better avoid the consumption of this drug within four hours of the period of bedtime to prevent problems with urination.

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<[>The portion is usually based on the health condition and treatment’s response. So, how to use Microzide? Use this preparation regularly to have most benefits from the curing process. To remember, about the consumption of the drug use it at a particular time every day. It is highly recommended to continue using this medical product even when you start to feel much better. Most patients with blood pressure don’t feel very sick.

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Colestipol and cholestyramine may lessen the absorption of Microzide dosage. When you are employing these medical agents, consume them minimum four hours prior of after using Microzide. Notify your medical specialist in case your condition doesn’t change for the better or in case it worsens.

Side effects

Headaches, upset stomach, or dizziness can happen as the organism adjusts to the medicament. In case any of mentioned reactions worsen or persist, notify your healthcare expert or pharmacist at a time.

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To lessen the possibility of lightheadedness and dizziness, try to get up more slowly if rising from lying or sitting position.

Your medical specialist has instructed you to consume this drug because he/she has decided that pluses of healing are greater than some risks of spillover effects. Lots of users taking these preparations don’t have severe spillover effects.

Tell your medical specialist immediately in case you have severe spillover effects, containing: eye pain, problems with vision.

Microzide can lead to severe dehydration (loss of water in the organism) and salt. Notify your medical specialist in case any of unlikely but severe spillover effects happen: irregular heartbeat, muscle cramps, unusual lessening of urination or dry mouth.

Microzide dosage

  • Microzide 25mg

  • Microzide 12.5mg

Very severe Microzide side effects are rare. Nevertheless, call your healthcare expert immediately if you have any of the signs of serious allergy such as: serious dizziness, rash, problems with breathing, or itching.

These are not all spillover effects that may occur during the treatment’s process. If you have any other reactions that aren’t mentioned above, talk with your pharmacist or medical specialist.


Prior buying Microzide online, inform your healthcare expert right away if you suffer from allergy to any of the drug’s elements, or if you have problems with other allergies. This preparation can contain such ingredients which may lead to severe troubles. Consult with your healthcare expert to get more information.

Also, before ordering Microzide online you should notify your medical specialist of: liver illnesses, diabetes, kidney diseases, gout or lupus.

This remedy can provoke dizziness. Don’t use machinery, drive, or perform any activity that needs alertness until you are really sure that you may do these activities safely. Try to limit usage of alcohol during your treatment.

Serious diarrhea, vomiting, or sweating may higher the possibility of severe loss of water in the organism (or dehydration). Tell about prolonged vomiting or diarrhea to your healthcare expert. To prevent this trouble, drink fluids unless your medical specialist instructs you otherwise.

In case you suffer from diabetes, you may buy Microzide without prescription only after medical specialist’s recommendation. Your healthcare expert can adjust your drug, diet, or exercise program.

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This medical agent can lessen the level of potassium. Consult with your medical specialist about food that is high in potassium (for instance orange juice, bananas) or about employing a salt substitute including potassium. Such supplement can be recommended by the medical specialist.

Microzide and pregnancy: this medical product should be employed only if really needed. Consult with your healthcare expert and discuss all the benefits and risks. Moreover, this drug can make you very sensitive to the sunrays. Try to avoid sunlamps and tanning booths.

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