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Levaquin generic name is levofloxacin. This drug is taken to cure various infections. Levaquin relates to a group of medications that are named quinolone antibiotics. It prevents and stops the bacteria growth. It is not functional against flu or common cold. Drug’s misuse or unnecessary usage may lead to its lessened effectiveness.

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How to use Levaquin?

Take these tablets by mouth as recommended by the medical expert, as a rule once a day together with food or on an empty stomach. You should drink plenty of water while using this drug. Levaquin dosage and length of the curing process is based on several factors for instance on the treatment’s response, health condition, and kidney function.

When taken in kids for some kinds of infection, the portion is based on the user’s weight. This antibiotic functions better if the drug’s amount is kept at the same level in the organism. That’s why it is advisable to use Levaquin at a particular time every day.

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Continue to use these tablets until the advisable amount is finished, even if the signs of disease disappear after several days of treatment. When you stop the usage too early it may allow bacteria to grow and this may provoke infection’s return.

Use these tablets minimum two hours before or two hour after using other medications that can lessen its functionality. Prior buying Levaquin online ask your health expert about these medications. Some examples are: vitamins, quinapril, products that contain aluminum, magnesium, or calcium.

Inform your health expert if your health condition doesn’t change for the better.

Side effects Levaquin

Troubles with falling asleep, diarrhea, dizziness, nausea, headaches, or lightheadedness can happen while using this medication. If any of these spillover effects worsen and persist, call your healthcare expert promptly.

Remember that your medical expert recommended you to order Levaquin online because it advantages are great that some minor risks. Lots of patients taking these tablets don’t have severe effects.

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Use of Levaquin for repeated or prolonged period can lead to new yeast infection or oral thrush. Call your medical expert if you have some vaginal discharges, mouth patches, or other new signs.

Contact with your medical adviser immediately if you have severe Levaquin side effects: changes in the urine amount, symptoms of new infection, easy bleeding or bruising.

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Get medical help immediately if the following effects happen: seizures, chest pains, vision problems, serious headaches, shaking, changes in mood, symptoms of liver problems, fast heartbeats, or fainting.

Rarely, the drug may lead to nerve problems. Stop the usage of these tablets and tell your health expert if you experience any of the following symptoms: burning/weakness/pain/tingling/numbness in the feet, hands, arms, or legs, some changes in your sensibility/pain/vibration/temperature/body position.

Levaquin dosage

  • Levaquin 750mg

  • Levaquin 500mg

  • Levaquin 250mg

If you have other spillover effects that aren’t described here call your medical expert and consult with him/her about your problems.

Contraindications Levaquin

Before buying Levaquin without prescription, tell your medical expert if you have any kind of allergy to this drug.

Prior using these tablets, tell your medical expert of your illness history, especially you should mention such problems as: heart illnesses, diabetes, tendon problems, kidney illnesses, nerve diseases, seizure disorders, head injuries, strokes, brain tumors.

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Consult with your heath expert about the safety usage of this medication. Levaquin can rarely lead to severe changes in the level of blood sugar, especially if you have such disease as diabetes. Try to control the signs of high blood sugar that are: increased urination and thirst.

Also, try to control the signs of low blood sugar such as shakiness, hunger, nervousness, or fast heartbeat. Test your blood sugar on regular bases. Levaquin and pregnancy: these pills should be taken only if really needed. Discuss the possible risks with your medical expert.

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