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Famvir is very functional antiviral preparation. This drug slows the spread and growth of herpes so that the organism can deal with this problem. Famvir isn’t effective in curing herpes, but it will definitely lessen the signs of illness.

This medical agent is applied to cure illnesses provoked by herpes virus, containing cold sores, genital herpes, and shingles.

There exists no curing for herpes and this medicament will not prevent the development of future signs.

Famvir generic name is famciclovir and it can be employed for other purposes that aren’t mentioned here.

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How to use Famvir?

Read the information leaflet that is available from the healthcare expert prior you begin applying this preparation and every time after the refill. In case any questions appear, you may consult with your healthcare expert or pharmacist.

Consume Famvir dosage by mouth on an empty stomach or with food, as a rule two to three times per day or as recommended by the medical specialist.

This medicament functions much better if the treatment starts at the initial symptoms of an outbreak, as instructed by the medical specialist. The drug will not work as well in case you delay the curing process.

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The portion of the drug is based on the treatment’s response and med condition. This medical agent works much better if the drug’s amount in the organism is kept at an even level during the treatment. That’s why employ this remedy at evenly divided intervals. To remember about the usage, take it at a particular time every day.

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Continue the healing with this medical product until the full recommended amount is finished. Don’t skip any portions, change them, or stop this remedy earlier without medical expert’s instruction.

Notify your medical specialist in case your med condition worsens or persists.

Side effects

Call your medical specialist in case you have such allergic signs as: troubles with breathing, hives, or swelling.

Stop the medicament consumption and call your medical specialist if you suffer from severe spillover effects such as:

  • Troubles with urination;
  • Gain of weight, swelling, short of breath;
  • Increased thirst, weakness, appetite loss, confusion, pounding heartbeat, or fluttering in the chest.

Less severe Famvir side effects are:
  • Dizziness, problems with sleeping;
  • Stomach aches, nausea;
  • Headaches, tiredness;
  • Numbness;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Skin rashes or mild itching.
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    These are not all spillover effects and unwanted reactions that may occur during the treatment, so consult with your healthcare expert about these problems before buying Famvir online. Moreover, you can repost your spillover effects to Drug and Food Administration.


    Before ordering Famvir online, inform your medical specialist in case you have got allergy to this medical product, or to other medicaments. This drug can include inactive elements that may provoke severe allergies and other harmful effects. Consult with your pharmacist to get more info about this.

    Before consuming this medical agent, talk with your healthcare specialist and tell him/her your med history especially if you have: troubles with kidney.

    This medication can rarely provoke drowsiness or dizziness. Try not to use machinery or drive until you are really sure that may perform these activities safely. Furthermore, limit alcohol usage while still on the treatment.

    Famvir dosage

    • Famvir 500mg

    • Famvir 250mg

    Famvir can include lactose. In case you have particular conditions such as serious lactase deficiency, galactose intolerance that require you to limit lactose’s intake, call you medical specialist prior using this medical product. Before the surgery, your dentist or medical specialist should be aware of all the products you are applying (containing nonprescription medications, prescription products, and herbal drugs).

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    Don’t have some kinds of vaccination or immunization (for instance vaccines against varicella) without the medical specialist’s recommendation.

    Can older patients buy Farmir without prescription? Older patients can be more sensitive to the possibility of spillover effects to this preparation such as dizziness, confusion, problems with urination or drowsiness; but they may order this drug.

    Farmir and pregnancy: you should consume this medical agent during pregnancy only if it is really needed. Consult with your healthcare expert about this problem.

    Where to buy Farmir no prescription? You can purchase this functional medicament on our website or at any other drugstore/pharmacy.

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