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This medication may better your level of energy and mood and can restore the interest in life. This preparation can also lessen anxiety, fear, panic attacks, and some unwanted thoughts. Effexor XR is SNRI (or serotonin-norepinephrine inhibitor). Effexor XR generic name is Venlafaxine HCL.

This drug functions by renewing the balance of norepinephrine and serotonin (natural substances) in the patient’s brain.

Other usages: this paragraph includes usages of this preparation that aren’t mentioned in any professional labeling for the medicament but that can be prescribed by the healthcare expert. Buy Effexor XR online for the curing of condition which is discussed in this paragraph only if it has been advised by the healthcare expert. So, this medication can also be employed to cure nerve pains. It can be also applied to cure hot flashes which occur with menopause.

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How to use Effexor XR?

Read info leaflet given by your healthcare expert or pharmacist prior you begin taking this medicament and every time after the refill. In case you have any kinds of questions, you may consult with your pharmacist or healthcare expert.

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Consume Effexor XR dosage by mouth as advised by your medical specialist, as a rule once per day together with food, either in the evening or morning.

Don’t dissolve, chew, or crush this preparation. Acting in such a way may release all of the medicament at once, enlarging the probabilty of spillover effects. Also, don’t split the pill unless your medical provider recommends you to act in such a way.

In case you are employing the capsules, swallow them. If you have difficulties swallowing these capsules whole, you can open this capsule and sprinkle it. Swallow this mixture at a time without chewing. Drink water after every portion of the drug.

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The norm of this drug’s usage is based on the treatment’s response, and med condition. To lessen the probability of unwanted reactions, your medical specialist can direct you to begin this remedy at a low portion and gradually higher your portion. Try to follow all the healthcare expert’s pieces of advice very carefully. Apply Effexor XR regularly to have most pluses from the treatment. To remember about the drug’s consumption, apply it at a particular time every day.

It is highly necessary to consume this drug as needed even when you start to feel much better. Don’t stop the consumption of this medicament without consulting your medical specialist. Some health conditions can get worse if this preparation is abruptly stopped. Also, you can have such signs as headaches, confusion, sleep troubles, mood changes, or tiredness. The portion should to be gradually enlarged to lessen harmful effects. Report all the new signs immediately.

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It may take a couple of weeks to feel better of this drug.

Side effects

Dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, drowsiness, constipation, blurred vision, appetite loss, problems with sleeping, nervousness, yawning, or unusual sweating can happen. In case any of these harmful effects worsen or persist, notify your healthcare expert immediately.

Remember that your medical specialist has advised you to order Effexor XR online because he/she has thought that the pluses of treatment are greater than some spillover effects. Lot of patients taking this drug don’t have any severe spillover effects.

Effexor XR dosage

  • Effexor XR 37.5mg

  • Effexor XR 75mg

This preparation may higher the blood pressure. Test your blood pressure often and inform your healthcare expert if the results are too high.

Call your medical specialist immediately in case any of these infrequent but severe spillover effects happen: lessened sex interest, easy bleeding, muscle weakness, tremor.

Get med help at a time in case any of these rare but severe Effexor XR side effects happen: seizure, bloody stools, serious headaches, persistent cough, vision changes, or eye pain.

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Buying Effexor XR without prescription, you should know that it can higher serotonin and provoke serotonin toxicity. The possibility is higher when you are consuming other medicaments which contain serotonin, so notify your healthcare expert of all the medical products you are applying.

These are not all spillover effects that may happen; that’s why you should talk with your healthcare expert to get more detailed info.


Prior consuming this medicament, tell your medical specialist in case you have allergy to the drug, or to other medical preparations.

Before applying this drug, inform your healthcare expert of you med history, especially of: glaucoma, bleeding troubles, blood pressure, high cholesterol, liver diseases, kidney illnesses, thyroid diseases, or seizures.

Effexor XR and pregnancy: this preparation can be very harmful to unborn babies, so use it only if really needed.

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