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Carisprodol is muscle relaxer which functions by stopping ache sensations between the brain and the nerves.

This remedy is employed together with physical therapy and rest to cure injuries and some other painful conditions.

Carisprodol generic name has two brand names which are Vanadom and Soma.

This medical agent can be applied for other medical purposes which are not mentioned in this article.

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How to use Carisprodol?

Consume this medical agent by mouth together with food or on an empty stomach as advised by the healthcare expert, as a rule four times a day.

Carisprodol dosage is usually based on the response to curing and your med condition in general. This remedy should only be employed short-term (for three week period or even less) unless recommended by the medical adviser otherwise. Don’t higher the portions or consume this medicament more frequently or for longer time than needed. Your health condition will not change for the better faster, and the possibility of unwanted effects can be increased.

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This medication may lead to withdrawal reactions, especially when it has been taken regularly in big portions or for longer time period. In such a way, withdrawal signs (for instance problems with sleeping, stomach cramps, nausea, or headaches) can happen if you abruptly stop the consumption of the drug. To prevent this possibility, your medical specialist can lessen your dosage gradually. Talk with your healthcare expert of pharmacist for more detailed info about this drug’s usage.

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Together with its pluses of treatment, Carisprodol may rarely lead to addiction. This risk can be higher in case you have drug or alcohol abuse. Employ this medicament exactly as instructed by the medical expert to lessen the addiction’s risk.

Call your medical adviser if you health condition worsens or persists after two or three weeks of treatment.

Side effects

Headaches, dizziness or drowsiness can happen. If any of these unwanted effects become too bothersome or worsen call your pharmacist or healthcare expert at a time.

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Remember that your healthcare expert has recommended this medical agent because its benefits are greater than some minor spillover effects. Lots of patients applying the preparation don’t experience severe unwanted reactions.

Call your medical adviser immediately if you have such effects as confusion. A very serious and bothersome allergic reaction to this remedy is rare. Nevertheless, consult with your healthcare expert if you notice any signs of severe allergy such as: swelling, serious dizziness, rash, problems with breathing, and itching.

Carisoprodol dosage

  • Carisoprodol 500mg

  • Carisoprodol 350mg

These aren’t all Carisprodol side effects that may happen during the treatment process. If you notice any other unwanted reactions to the treatment, call your medical adviser at once.


Don’t buy Carisprodol online if you have allergy to meprobamate (Miltown or Equanil) or carisoprodol, or in case you suffer from porphyria.

Before ordering Carisprodol online, notify your healthcare expert in case you have any drug’s allergy, or if you have:

  • Kidney illnesses;
  • Seizure disorder or epilepsy;
  • Liver problems.

If you suffer from any of the mentioned conditions, you should adjust the drug’s dosage and test yourself on the safety of the drug’s usage.

This medical agent can be habit-forming and should be ordered only by the patient it was recommended for. This drug should never be taken by other users, especially by someone who is addicted or drug abused. Keep the preparation is a particular place where other cannot reach it.

Carisprodol and pregnancy: this drug can be very harmful to unborn babies. Talk with your medical adviser in case you want to become a mother while on the treatment.

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When buying Carisprodol without prescription for kids, you should know that this drug should not be employed by those who are younger than twelve years.

Where to buy Carisprodol no prescription? You can purchase this preparation at any online pharmacy.

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