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This drug is taken to prevent or cure some variants of headaches (such as migraine, vascular headache or cluster headache). Headaches can be provoked by widened vessels in the patient’s brain. This medication functions mainly by narrowing the blood vessels. Generic name for Cafergot is Ergotamine.

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How to use Cafergot?

Take the drug by mouth as recommended by the medical specialist, as a rule, two pills at the initial sign of headaches, usually followed by one pill every half an hour till the complete relieve of your headache. Don’t use more than six pills per every headache attack or ten pills in the period of seven days.

In case your medical specialist has recommended the drug to prevent some variants of headaches, take these pills exactly as recommended by your healthcare provider, as a rule for short-term treatment’s process (two to three weeks).

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So, as you’ve understood the maximum dose of Cafergot is six pills for one headache attack. The portion of the drug depends on the treatment’s response and your health condition. The drug functions better when taken at the first signs of the headache. In case you wait and your headache has worsened, these pills may not function properly.

If you have a high possibility for heart diseases, the medical specialist can perform an exam of your heart before buying Cafergot online. She or he can also ask you to take the initial drug dosage in the clinic to test for severe spillover effects (for instance chest pains). Talk with your medical specialist for more detailed info.

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Cafergot dosage is taken only as it is needed. It isn’t recommended for long-termed usage. Along with the pluses of medication usage, it can rarely provoke addiction. These risks may be higher in case you abused drugs or alcohol. Use Cafergot exactly as advised to lower the possibility of addiction.

Side effects Cafergot

Stomach upsets, nausea, problems with sleeping, vomiting, dizziness or restlessness may happen while being on the drug. If any of above listed Cafergot side effects worsen or persist, promptly tell your healthcare adviser about these health changes in your condition.

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Remember that the medical specialist has recommended this particular medication because its benefits are greater than some risks. Lots of people using these tablets don’t experience any severe spillover effects.

Inform your healthcare adviser if you experience side effects of Cafergot, such as:

  • Irregular heartbeats;
  • Blue nails, toes or fingers;
  • Severe abdominal pains;
  • Numbness in toes or fingers;
  • Any kind of weaknesses;
  • Muscle pains;
  • Cold feet or hands;
  • Decrease in the urine amount.

Get medical help immediately if you experience any severe spillover effects, such as:

  • Confusion;
  • Chest, arm or jaw pain;
  • Vision problems;
  • Weakness on a side of the body;
  • Slurred speech.

Cafergot dosage

  • Cafergot 1mg/100mg

Buying Cafergot without prescription you should know that severe allergies to this medication are very rare. Nevertheless, get medical help if you notice any signs of severe allergic reactions, such as: dizziness, rash, problems with breathing, itching.

Of course this list of spillover effects is not complete and some other may happen.

Contraindications Cafergot

Before ordering Cafergot online, tell your medical specialist if you are allergic to any drug’s elements. This medical product may include ingredients, which may provoke some spillover effects or severe allergic reactions.

Before taking the drug, inform your healthcare adviser of your medical history: some variants of headaches, problems with blood circulation, hear diseases, liver illnesses, kidney illnesses or any other variants of diseases that you may have. Some conditions may higher the possibility for heart illnesses. Inform your healthcare adviser in case you have any of the following health conditions: high cholesterol, postmenopausal, blood pressure, older than forty years, diabetes, and overweight.

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The medication usage may lead to dizziness. So, don’t drive or do any kind of alert activity while on the drug. Also, try to limit alcohol usage.

Using nicotine products while being on the medication may higher the possibility of severe spillover effects such as lessened blood flow to your feet/brain/hands and/or heart diseases. Please, don’t use nicotine products while using the drug. Cafergot and pregnancy: this drug usage isn’t recommended during pregnancy period. It can lead to some harmful effects in an unborn baby organism. Talk with your healthcare provider about the usage of reliable variant of birth control.

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You may order the drug at any pharmacy you consider to be the most reliable. So, don’t waste your time and change your life for the better right now.

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