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Azelex generic name is azelaic acid. This drug is taken to cure moderate and mild acne. It functions by lessening the amount of bacteria that provoke acne on the skin and keeping pores unblocked and open, it such a way lessening the number of acne. This medication relates to a group of drugs named dicarboxylic acids.

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How to use Azelex?

Before using the drug, clean the area of the skin that is affected and pat dry. Apply the drug usually two times a day, in the evening and morning, or as recommended by the healthcare expert. Use thin layer and massage the medication into the skin. After the usage it is better to wash the hands.

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Use the drug regularly to get the better treatment results. To remember about the drug’s usage you should use it at a particular time every day.

Before buying Azelex online you should know one more important recommendation. Avoid contact in the eyes or in the mouth/nose. If this drug gets in any of these part, wash these areas right away with water and inform your healthcare expert if skin irritation gets very bothersome. Don’t cover the cream or use a bandage unless your healthcare expert recommends you to act in such a way.

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Don’t use large Azelex dosage or apply it for more than advised. The condition will not get better faster, but the possibility of spillover effects can increase. Use the drug for the prescribed length of treatment as recommended by the medical expert. It is as a rule takes nearly a month before visible improvement, but the result of curing may take it longer.

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Tell your medical expert if the condition doesn’t better after one-month treatment or if it even worsens.

Side effects Azelex

Burning, temporary stinging, tingling, or itching of the skin may happen, as a rule when you start the treatment process. These spillover effects usually lessen as the organism adjusts to the drug. Nevertheless, if some minor effects continue, the healthcare expert may recommend you to use this medical product only once a day. If some of these Azelex side effects worsen or persist, stop its usage and call your medical expert promptly.

Azelex dosage

  • Azelex 15g

Call your medical expert right away if these spillover effects happen: unusual hair growth, cold sores worsening, or oral herpes.

Rarely, some patients can have skin lightening (or hypopigmentation) while being on the treatment. This effect can be more visible in patients with dark skin. When ordering Azelex online you should know of the drug’s severe spillover effects. Call your health expert if you have: asthma worsening (wheezing or breath shortness).

As for severe allergies, they are very rare. Nevertheless, seek medical help if you have any signs of severe reaction such as: rashes, problems with breathing, severe dizziness, or itching.

This paragraph describes not all possible spillover effects.

Contraindications Azelex

Before buying Azelex without prescription, tell your healthcare expert if you have allergy to any medical product. This medication may have inactive elements that are leading to allergies or other spillover effects. Consult with your healthcare expert if you have some other questions about the drug usage.

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Before the usage of this medication, inform your medical expert of your illness history, especially of: cold sores, asthma, or oral herpes.

Azelex and pregnancy: this medication should be used only if really needed. You may discuss the drug usage during pregnancy with your medical specialist.

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