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Avodart generic name is dutasteride. This drug is taken in males to cure the signs of enlarged prostate. It functions by lessening the size of the prostate that is increased. This relieves the signs of BPH such as weak stream, problems with starting the urine flow, and the urinating need that may be more frequent. It can also lessen the surgery need to cure BPH.

Avodart is not approved for the prostate cancer prevention. It may higher the possibility of developing a severe variant of prostate cancer. Consult with your healthcare adviser about some possible risks and benefits of its usage. This drug must not be taken in females and children.

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How to use Avodart?

Read the drug’s information leaflet if it is available from the medical expert before you begin to use Avodart and every time after the refill. In case any questions appear while reading it, ask the medical expert or pharmacist.

Take Avodart dosage by mouth on an empty stomach or with food as recommended by the medical expert, as a rule once a day. Please, don’t chew or crush the capsules. When buying Avodart online you should be aware that the drug must be used regularly to have the most advantages from the treatment. To remember about the usage, the pills should be taken at a particular time every day.

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This medical product may be absorbed through the surface of the user’s skin and can provoke some harmful effects to a baby, so females who are pregnant must not handle these tablets.

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It may need three to six months to see the signs of improvement. Tell your medical expert if the signs of disease don’t get better or if they worsen.

Side effects Avodart

Sexual difficulties (for instance lessened sperm amount, or lessened sexual ability), breast tenderness, testicle swelling or pains, or increased breast size can happen. Sexual difficulties may continue in some males even after the treatment is stopped. In case any of above described spillover effects worsen or persist, inform your medical expert or pharmacist promptly.

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Remember that your healthcare expert recommend you to order Avodart online because its benefits are greater than some possibility of spillover effects. Many patients taking these tablets don’t have severe spillover effects.

A very severe allergic reactions to these tablets are rare. Nevertheless, call your medical expert right away in case you see any signs of severe allergic reaction such as: swelling (of throat, face, or tongue), problems with breathing, rashes, itching, or severe dizziness.

Avodart dosage

  • Avodart 0.5mg

The paragraph above may not contain all Avodart side effects, so if you notice any other difficulties while on the drug call your medical expert promptly.

Contraindications Avodart

Before buying Avodart without prescription consult with your medical expert or pharmacist if you have any kind of allergy reaction to these tablets; or to any other medical or food product. This medication can include inactive ingredient that may provoke severe allergic reaction or other spillover effects. Consult with your medical expert for additional info about this medication.

Before taking these pills your healthcare expert should be aware of your illness history.

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Before the surgery, inform your dentist or physician about all the medical products you are taking (for instance nonprescription medications, prescription tablets, and herbal pills).

Avodart and pregnancy: this medical product is not used in females. That’s why it is unlikely to be taken during pregnancy. Contact with your healthcare expert if you have some other question about the drug.

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