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Alesse includes a mixture of hormones that stop ovulation. This drug also leads to some modifications in the uterine lining and cervical mucus, making it very hard for sperm to achieve uterus.

Alesse is taken as a variant of contraception. Alesse generic name is ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel.

These tablets can be taken for other purposes that are not mentioned here.

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How to use Alesse?

Use Alesse as directed by the pharmacist. Don’t use these pills in larger amounts or for longer than it is needed. Also, follow the recommendations on the drug’s label.

Use your initial Alessen dosage on the first day of your menstruation or on the initial Sunday after the beginning of the menstruation. You should better use other variant of birth control (for instance spermicide or condoms), when using it for the first time. Follow your doctor’s recommendations.

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Use one tablet each day, no more than twenty-four hours between portions. When your package is finished begin a new one the next day. You can become pregnant if not using a tablet every day. That’s why your prescription should be refilled before your package is ran out.

The twenty-eight day pack includes 7 “reminders” that keep you on the usual menstruation cycle. The menstruation will begin when using the reminder tablets. You may experience breakthrough bleeding; it can happen during the initial three months. Inform your physician in case these bleedings go on or are too heavy.

Take back-up birth control in case you feel sick with serious diarrhea or vomiting.

While using these birth control tablets, you should contact with medical specialist regularly.

Side effects Alesse

Call your physician in case you have the following symptoms of allergy to this drug: swelling of throat, face, lips or hives.

Stop taking the pills and contact with medical adviser at once in case you notice severe Alesse side effects such as:

  • Serious and unexpected headaches, vision difficulties, confusion, problems with balance or speech;
  • Unexpected weakness or numbness on a side of the body;
  • Cough, rapid breathing, bloody coughing, or wheezing;
  • Heavy feelings or pains in chest, sweating, pain that spreads to shoulders or arms, nausea, ill feeling in general;
  • Redness or warmth in legs, swelling, or pain;
  • Stomach pain, appetite loss, itching, colored stools, dark urine, nausea;
  • Severe headaches;
  • Breast lump;
  • Swelling in feet, hands, or ankles;
  • Signs of depression (changes in mood, weakness, problems with falling asleep or feeling of tiredness).

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Buying Alesse online, you should also know about its less severe spillover effects that include:

  • Breast swelling or tenderness;
  • Mild nausea;
  • Darkened or freckled skin, hair loss or increased hair growth;
  • Difficulties with contact lenses;
  • Changes in appetite or weight;
  • Lessened sex drive.

Alesse dosage

  • Alesse 0.25mg + 0.05mg

  • Alesse 0.03mg/0.15mg

Where to buy Alesse

When ordering Alesse online, it is better to know that this spillover effects’ list is not complete and some other may occur.

Contraindications Alesse

Alesse may lead to birth defects. So, Alesse and pregnancy is not the best word combination. Don’t use these birth control tablets in case you are pregnant. Tell your pharmacist or physician if you are pregnant or if you haven’t got two periods. In case you have bore a kid, wait minimum four week before using these pills.

You shouldn’t buy Alesse without prescription in case you:

  • Heart diseases;
  • Untreated blood pressure;
  • Circulation illnesses or blood-clotting disorders;
  • Liver illnesses or liver cancer;
  • Problems with kidneys, eyes;
  • Vaginal bleeding;
  • Severe headaches, especially if a patient is older that thirty-five years;
  • In case you smoke.

Where to buy Alesse no prescription?

You may order these highly effective birth control pills here and don’t waste your time for purchasing it in a regular drug store.

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