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Aldara is immunity response modifier. This preparation is applied to cure actinic keratosis (a problem provoked by too much exposure of the sun) on the scalp and face.

This medical agent is also taken to cure minor variants of skin cancer named cell carcinoma if surgery cannot be appropriate curing.

This drug also heals genital warts which may appear on the outside of the organism. This preparation can be employed in kids who are minimum twelve years and adults.

Aldara generic name is imiquimod topical. These tablets can be also consumed for some other purposes which aren’t mentioned here.

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How to use Aldara?

Consume this medical agent as suggested by the healthcare expert. Don’t consume it in smaller or bigger portions or for longer time period that needed. Try to follow all the pieces of advice on the drug’s label.

Taking too much of the medicament, or employing it for too prolonged period may higher the probability of serious skin reactions.

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Prior using Aldara, wash the area of skin which should be cured and wash the hands. Allow the surface of the skin to dry minimum ten min. Also, wash the hands after every usage of the drug. Don’t employ Aldara dosage on areas that are wounded, broken, or burned. Wait until these problems have cured prior the medicament’s usage.

This medical agent is as a rule applied two to five times a week for up to sixteen weeks. How to apply this remedy will depend only on the condition being cured. Try to follow all the pieces of advices of your medical specialist.

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Your healthcare expert should check the surface of skin regularly, especially in case you suffer from more serious skin reactions to the drug. Try not to miss any appointments with your medical specialist.

Inform your medical expert in case the condition of skin doesn’t change for the better or if it worsens during the curing process.

Don’t buy Aldara online to cure any condition of skin which hasn’t been controlled by the medical specialist. Don’t share this preparation with other patients, even when they experience the same signs you have.

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Every packet of the medication is for the single usage only. Throw away the used package even if there is drug left in it. In case you cure more than one area of the skin at a time, talk with your medical specialist about the packets which should be applied.

Side effects

Consult with your healthcare expert at a time in case you have got any of these signs of allergy to the medical agent: troubles with breathing, hives, swelling of tongue, throat, or lips. Wash off the medicament and notify your medical specialist immediately in case you experience severe skin reaction, for instance: oozing, serious itching, changes in the areas where the drug is used, or bleeding.

Stop the consumption of this medical agent and consult with your healthcare expert in case you have severe Aldara side effects such as body aches, fever, swollen glands, or tired feeling. If curing genital warts, in case you have serious urinations troubles or swelling, stop the drug’s consumption and call your medical specialist immediately.

Less severe spillover effects can be the following:

  • Color changes of cured skin areas;
  • Mild itching, skin irritation, redness, dryness, scabbing, flaking, crusting, or skin hardening in the areas where the preparation was used;
  • Diarrhea, nausea, appetite loss;
  • Chest ache, headaches, back pain, dizziness;
  • Cold signs such as sneezing, stuffy nose, or sore throat;
  • Fever;
  • Vaginal discharge;
  • Diarrhea, appetite loss, or nausea.

Aldara dosage

  • Aldara 0.25g

These aren’t all troubles and unwanted reactions that may happen during the curing process. Consult with your medical specialist about some other spillover effects before ordering Aldara online. Also, you can report all unwanted effects to Drug and Food Administration.


To be sure that you may safely buy Aldara without prescription, tell your medical specialist in case you have the next conditions:

  • Autoimmune disorder or just weak immunity;
  • Sunburn or some other troubles with the surface of skin;
  • Graft-versus-host illness.

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Aldara and pregnancy: it isn’t known if this medicament is harmful to unborn babies. Tell your healthcare specialist in case you are planning to become a mother while being on the treatment with this preparation.

If you are healing rectal or genital area with this medicament, try to avoid sex while the drug is on your skin, because this medical agent may weaken the rubber of condoms.

Don’t apply this medicament on kids who are younger than twelve years. This medical agent is only for the usage in curing genital warts in those people who are minimum twelve years. All other consumptions of the drug are for adults over eighteen.

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