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Aldactone is a water tablet which stops your organism from absorbing too much salt and the level of potassium is kept from getting low.

This preparation is employed to cure or diagnose a condition in which a patient has too much aldosterone in the organism. It is a hormone that is generated by adrenal glands to regulate water and salt balance in the patient’s organism.

This drug also cures edema (or fluid retention) in patients who suffer from heart failure, kidney diseases, or liver cirrhosis. You can also buy Aldactone online to prevent or treat hypokalemia (or low level of potassium in the organism).

This medicament can be also bought for other purposes which are not listed here. As for Aldactone generic name, it is spironolactone.

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Daily norms under Aldactone applying

Aldactone comes in the form of the tables and it should be taken by mouth. This medical product is consumed once or two times per day. To remember about the preparation’s usage, employ it at the same time each day. Also, follow all the instructions on the drug’s label carefully, and ask your pharmacist or healthcare expert to explain any difficult part that you don’t understand. Use Aldactone dosage exactly as needed. Don’t use less or more of the remedy or consume it more frequently than recommended by the medical adviser.

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Your medical specialist can start the patient on smaller norms of the medicament and gradually higher the dosage.

You can order Aldactone online for the control of edema, blood pressure, hyperaldosteronism, and heart failure. It can take nearly two weeks or even longer prior the effect of Aldactone happens fully. Go on to use this medical agent even when you start to feel much better. Don’t stop the drug’s consumption without consulting your healthcare expert.

Aldactone online without prescription

You may buy Aldactone without prescription that comes as twenty-five mg, fifty mg, and a hundred mg oral pills.

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How to use Aldactone? The portion of the drug depends on the health issues:

  • Hyperaldosteronism: a hundred to four hundred mg per day;
  • Hypertension: fifty to a hundred mg each day for minimum two weeks;
  • Edema: twenty-five to two hundred mg each day for minimum five days;
  • Hypokalemia: twenty-five to a hundred mg once per day;
  • Heart failures: twenty-five mg once per day that can be increased to fifty mg or lessened to twenty-five mg, depending on the drug’s tolerance.

Side effects

Call your medical specialist in case you have any symptoms of allergic reactions: troubles with breathing, swelling, or hives.

Stop the usage of this preparation and consult with your healthcare specialist immediately in case you have severe Aldactone side effects for instance:

  • Weakness or muscle ache;
  • Tingly feeling or numbness;
  • Uneven, slow or fast rhythms;
  • Problems with urination;
  • Feeling restless or drowsy;
  • Stomach ache, nausea, appetite loss, dark urine, itching;
  • Serious skin reactions (skin ache, fever, eyes burning, peeling, or blistering).

Less severe spillover reactions can be the following:

  • Skin rashes;
  • Vomiting or nausea;
  • Headaches or dizziness;
  • Stomach ache.

Aldactone dosage

  • Aldactone 100mg

  • Aldactone 25mg

  • Aldactone 20mg

These are not all unwanted reactions that may occur during the treatment. Consult with your healthcare expert about some other spillover effects that may happen.


You should not consume this medical agent in case you suffer from allergy reaction to it, or if you suffer from kidney illnesses, high potassium levels in the organism, or if you have problems with urination. Don’t use any diuretics while you are on the treatment with this drug.

Prior employing Aldactone, notify your medical specialist if you suffer from liver illnesses, or if you apply diuretic.

Drinking alcoholic beverages may higher the possibility of some spillover effects.

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Also, you should avoid products high in salt. Salt can make this drug less functional and effective.

Don’t take low-sodium milk or salt substitutes products which include potassium. Such products may provoke the potassium to get higher while being on the curing with this drug.

Try to avoid dehydration or overheated during exercising and in hot weather. Also, follow your medical specialist’s instructions about the variant and amount of liquid you may drink. Sometimes using too much liquid may be as harmful as not drinking at all.

Aldactone and pregnancy: you should not use this medicament while you are pregnant.

When you are cured for blood pressure, continue to employ this medical product even in case you feel much better. Blood pressure usually has no signs. You should apply blood pressure drugs for all your life.

Where to buy Aldactone? You may purchase this remedy at any online pharmacy.

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